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5 Mold Myths Debunked

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Mold is among the most common issues that homeowners are faced with. It may develop swiftly based on temperature and time and might spread as quickly as 24 – 48 hours inside the house once moisture and water is present. Despite everything that’s known concerning mold, there still are many misconceptions. Here, we discuss the top 5 myths about mold:

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Myth: Repeated exposure of mold will not make me sick

Fact: Even though not everyone is impacted once exposed to mold, all molds may cause health-associated distress or illness, particularly among those who already suffer with respiratory problems. Common symptoms related to mold exposure include watery eyes, coughing, headaches, congestion, and even dizziness and memory loss.

Myth: Mold can always be spotted

Fact: Most folks believe that just because they cannot see mold, it isn’t there. In terms of mold, seeing is not believing, as not all kinds of mold are visible. So, it is better to rely on scent to detect mold. If you inhale a musty smell, it may be a sign of moisture and mold probably being present.

Myth: You should not be concerned with a tiny bit of mold

Fact: Realistically, a problem with mold may become a major problem if the moisture issue isn’t addressed. Furthermore, mold may grow on any organic surface, in addition to the HVAC system in your house. It may result in costly repairs and widespread damage.

Myth: When mold is gone, it will not return 

Fact: Mold removal is one thing yet resolving the water problem is another thing altogether. The only method of fully stopping mold from coming back includes resolving moisture, high humidity, or water issues that promptly cause mold to spread.

Myth: It’s possible to clean infestations of mold on your own 

Fact: Even infected spaces that are tinier than 10 square feet might require expert mold removal services. As a matter of fact, efforts at removing mold might accelerate the growth of mold if not correctly remediated and contained. Certified, well-trained mold remediation experts have specialized equipment and knowledge of the necessary methods of eliminating mold a lot more efficiently.

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