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Carpet Feature Trends for 2021

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Carpet manufacturers are now taking advantage of technology to provide us a functional, easy carpet that’s also cozy. Which features in particular are really making a splash for 2021? Check out these three:

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Waterproof Carpet

That is right, waterproof carpet! Those are words I never believed I would see together. Over the past 10 years, there has been a huge movement in outdoor waterproof carpeting. Still, the move to completely waterproof indoor carpeting has been, up until this point, unheard of.

Manufacturers are now making a huge impact with their amazing technology which makes the new carpets fully waterproof. This means it’s now possible to use carpeting inside any room in your home.

The waterproof carpeting will not soak the water up and get moldy or stain. Instead, it’s possible to easily clean all liquids in a matter of minutes without them soaking in for the long-term. Even better, it isn’t just broadloom carpeting that’s waterproof. It’s possible to get carpet planks, tiles, and area rugs which are also 100 percent waterproof!

Even though only a couple of manufacturers have waterproof carpets, I think additional manufacturers will get involved, and, within the following 10 years, you will see waterproof carpeting everywhere.

Stain-Resistant Carpeting

Oh, you are concerned with your carpet getting stains on it over a period of time? Don’t be! There now is carpeting that’s stain-resistant. Be it a dog having an accident, an accidental spill, you can be assured knowing your carpeting can deal with it.

With carpet fibers coated to repel all stains, all you need to do is blot away any spills and you are all set. For 2021 your carpeting may be free of stains!

Environmentally Friendly Carpet

These days, most businesses and homeowners usually care a lot about the company’s they buy from and how their purchases affect the environment, society, and much more.

That is why manufacturers began to create products that aren’t just durable yet also eco-friendly. With carpeting designed from recycled synthetic fibers, recycled water bottles, and more, the year 2021 wants you to have sustainable carpeting that you love!

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