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The element fire has been around since the beginning of time. With the good of fire such as cooking and warmth, comes the bad of fire. This element can be one of the most disrupting aspects of owning a home or business. Fires can not only destroy the materials, it can be dangerous to you as well. Once the firefighters have done there job by putting out the fire and saving as much of the structure as possible, it is Elite Remediation & Services time. Our job at Elite Remediation & Services is to bring the structure back to its pre-loss condition. Whether the damage is from the fire, smoke, or soot.

Once the fire is out and the structure is safe to go back in, being able to separate the damaged from the undamaged property is essential. Putting out a fire means using water or a substance that will wet the structure. Getting the structure to dry, depending on how much water was used, could be approaching the process differently. Other than fire actually doing the damage, there is the smoke and odor also damaging property. Smoke and odor can affect the color, permeate the surfaces of the interior, and will get trapped into the materials of the home. The smell of smoke will be trapped into the carpets, drapes, furniture, and clothing. Unless these objects are cleaned properly by professionals with being deodorized, they will continue to retain the trapped smoke and odor.

Elite Remediation & Services can be on the scene within 2 hours of receiving your call. For most, a fire is an unimaginable event, yet it occurs from a variety of causes. Be mindful of the top 10 causes of fires:

  1. Cooking Fire: Splattering grease, unattended kitchens, and combustibles near heat sources are all common fire instigators.

  2. Home Heating Fires: Have your furnace inspected regularly and keep portable heaters safely away from combustibles.

  3. Smoking: If you smoke in or near the house, always make sure the cigarette butt is fully put out.

  4. Electrical Fires: Watch for frayed cords, overuse of extension cords and overloaded outlets.

  5. Candles: Never leave lit candles unattended.

  6. Children: Keep kids away from matches and lighters to stifle any curiosity they might have about what happens when different items burn.

  7. Faulty Wiring: Inadequate wiring, which is often prevalent in older homes and apartments, can be a big safety hazard.

  8. Flammable Items: Don’t keep paint, adhesives or cleaning agents near heat sources.

  9. Holiday Decor: Beware of how close your Christmas tree gets to your fireplace — and always be sure that you’re safely hanging other decors.

  10. Grills: Never cook on the grill on a porch or under an awning. Give yourself plenty of space from your home.

A house or business fire can already be disruptive enough looking at the damage done to personal property, but the truth is, it can affect much more that cannot be determined by anyone other than a professional. Electrical damage is a common aftereffect of a fire. Whether or not the electrical damage looks small, a licensed and trained professional should assess the situation before doing anything yourself.

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