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5 Indications That There is Mold in Your Carpet

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Carpet has several incredible qualities: it is soft, it keeps flooring warm, it’ll make your house look fantastic, and it’ll filter most allergens out of the air. Unfortunately it’s also susceptible to mold growth. Five indications that are a sign that mold is present in your carpet are listed below.

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Musty Smell 

If you spend the majority of your time in your home, you might not notice this smell. But anyone who comes to your house will probably smell it. If anybody talks about the smell, it’s something you’ll have to take care of.

Unexplained Allergies

Mold in carpets has been proven to cause problems with breathing, asthma, bronchitis, and allergies. If you or anybody in your home suffers those ailments, you’ll have to inspect the carpet for mold. But not everyone who’s exposed to mold is going to have an issue.

Wet Carpet

Any carpet that stays damp for more than one day is more than likely to grow mold. If you find that the carpet is frequently wet, the source of the leak might be underneath the carpet. Basements are the place that mold is more commonly discovered, yet even accidentally spilling drinks on your carpet may lead to mold. Either way, you’ll have to dry up the water as soon as you can.

Carpet Discoloration

You might have the ability to tell if there’s mold in the carpet by merely looking at it. Once mold growth gets to its advanced stages, you’ll probably notice discolored patches on the carpet. Typically, those spots are black, white, or different shades of green. Remember that the space beneath the carpet might develop discoloration before your carpet does.

Mold Testing Kit Offers Indicates a Positive Result

One reliable method of confirming the existence of mold in the carpet is by using a mold test kit. The kits work by testing the airflow around your carpet. If there are mold spores in the carpet, they’ll land on the mold test kit then multiply to provide clear results.

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