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Top 3 Household Appliances Causing the Most Fires

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In 2015, house fires that were caused by household appliances led to $7B in property losses, according to the National Fire Protection Agency. Structural damage wasn’t the only result. Around 13,000 injuries were sustained. House fires are so common that one is reported every 63 seconds. Below is a list of the top 3 household appliances causing the most fires:

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A fridge is cold, which makes it unimaginable that it could catch on fire. But its inside parts, like the compressor, may spark and overheat. Once the electrical elements inside a refrigerator catch on fire, the plastic around it will serve as an abundant source of fuel for a tragic blaze.

Refrigerators automatically cycle off and on for years, and parts go through wear and tear. A worn out compressor and relay switch is the main cause of fridges catching on fire. In 2009, 1.6M Maytag fridges were recalled because of an electrical failure in the relay, according to Consumer Reports.


Dishwashers are built with heating components which dry clean dishes. These heating components mingle with water, heat up and cool down with each cycle. Faulty heating components may spark a fire in a home. In 2007, 2.5M GE dishwashers were recalled because of a short circuit, according to Consumer Reports

Professionals agree that homeowners never should leave their house while a dishwasher is running. In addition, don’t run a dishwasher overnight. Register your appliance to be notified of any recalls. Fix all broken parts to prevent water spilling over the interior wires and sparking a fire.


Each year more than 16,000 fires are caused by washing machines and dryers. Ignition mainly happens once the dryer’s lint trap builds up an excess in lint. Oftentimes, cleaning the lint trap is the most effective and easiest method of preventing a dryer fire.

Also, the heating components inside a dryer and parts inside a washer’s drum are able to ignite. Fire safety will require that a homeowner always follow the manufacturer’s directions and avoid overloading either household appliances.

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